>Happy 33 to me =]

well, 11:49pm has come and gone…officially 33 years old. I’m thankful, happy, mischievous, tired, full, lucky, excited, slightly calculating and a bit more competitive than I was before. How’s that!?

Here I go!
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1 Response to >Happy 33 to me =]

  1. Robyn says:

    >OMG. . .Jenny's blogging again! Must catch up on recent posts…Also, must send Jenny one of those happy belated birthday cards I bought in bulk because I know myself. Can I just tell you that I'm still crazy about you, that I miss you so damn much (and much of the world) since number #2 came along and I stopped having a life outside of work and home? Ugh. Happy 33, Jenny. I adore you.

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