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>Happy 33 to me =]

>well, 11:49pm has come and gone…officially 33 years old. I’m thankful, happy, mischievous, tired, full, lucky, excited, slightly calculating and a bit more competitive than I was before. How’s that!? Here I go!

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>domestic disturbance

>I am fairly convinced that my year living with no kitchen set my cookingskills-domesticmaturity back a bit. Sort of like reverting to pre-college days when I thought I could replace eggs in cookie batter with water (so it could be … Continue reading

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>Whistling Rules

>If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read these, swing to the safe side and just don’t whistle. Ever. Especially around me. OK, you can whistle alone. Wikipedia defines Human whistling as the production of sound by … Continue reading

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