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unfinished business: some background

This summer at Cape Cod, several people in my family attended a flea market in Sandwich. For those of us who participate, my family consists of seasoned flea market-goers, both in the sense that we are adequately intrigued and unimpressed … Continue reading

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mixtape-minded 1

One of my earliest realizations about being human was the idea that what surrounded me was good.  So good that my next realization was, it wasn’t going to last forever.  For some reason, my very young mind became painfully aware … Continue reading

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I cannot recall another time in my life when I’ve been moved to use that word.  But after   2  1/2 years of dealing with architects, builders, scam artists and my somewhat screwy partner in crime, I have received my golden … Continue reading

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Muppet Face

as much as I encourage others to avoid avoid overusing the “to be” verb, I have to say that THERE ARE may situations in life where words just won’t do; where only a facial expression suffices.  Sort of similar to … Continue reading

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just a long night. a really, really long night.

Just had one of the longest nights of my life at the restaurant.  Not worst night, not busiest night, not deadest night, not most terrible, just long.  The time between 4pm-6pm felt like five hundred years.  When it was 7:06 … Continue reading

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you asked for it…

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the answer

I felt great trepidation about my train trip to Virginia this past week.  Having only somewhat lukewarm–bad experiences with Amtrak in the past, and sort of ridiculous memories only blown up by time of great train memories in Europe ten+ … Continue reading

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Cape Cod, August 2011

words to follow.  Just this for now…enjoy. 

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watching the damn pot

Yes, idioms exist for a reason. As much as I don’t like to admit it, I’ve been changed by modern technology.  Doesn’t fit well with my adult ADD.  Or, should I say, it fits perfectly with it. Fact is, I … Continue reading

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can’t undo it

I’m trying to write a letter to someone right now, and it’s proving to be one of the most difficult things I’ve done in a while.  I spend a lot of my time advising others on being effective with words, … Continue reading

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