the answer

I felt great trepidation about my train trip to Virginia this past week.  Having only somewhat lukewarm–bad experiences with Amtrak in the past, and sort of ridiculous memories only blown up by time of great train memories in Europe ten+ years ago…I wasn’t up for a great review.  But— I will hand it to Amtrak; it wasn’t bad at all.  My trains were all on time, workerpeople were nice, nothing went awry. Nothing that was the train’s fault.

Had a wonderful visit with my dear friend.  Short escapes from real life are more and more needed as time goes on.

And…the watched pot did boil. The answer was not to my liking, but I’m going to be ok*

Even though I’m making a Muppet face right now.

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4 Responses to the answer

  1. NK says:

    ?! I’m making a Muppet face, too.

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