Perhaps taking on more than I realized this summer, my talents continue to expand my repertoire and the hats I wear. Writing tutor, waitress, receptionist, editor, and don’t forget, reliable cat sitter. I may soon be adding (somewhat reluctantly) “bookkeeper” to my list. I’m not complaining about the work; I’ve had a summer or two in the past where too much time on my hands and not enough money coming in made for a tragic combination.

This year I thought about doing the vegetable garden, even (sadly) bought seeds and in classic ADDJennystyle never got around to planting them. I have only a few flowers in the front of the house, but they make me happy. And that also means less plants to worry about when I go on my week-long-haven’t-had-one-in-two-years vacation.

Now I have that feeling where I want to write about how living in this part of the country makes me happy to see the changes in season. But that’s so lame; I’ve seen that one thousand times before. New England, blah blah blah. So I’ll resist the urge and just acknowledge the fact I’m trying to stay in the moment and notice all that surrounds me. Even if that means seeing my neighbors in the periphery.

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