Am I overdoing it here? I, like the multitude of January gym-goers am a little gung ho today. If you can call two blog entries in a row gung ho. Which you really can’t. But I’m doing it anyway. I promise I’ll think of something good to write soon. I think I just wanted an entry under 1.1.11. Can you blame me?

In other hard-hitting news, I just started my lentil etc. soup to start the year off right. In order to not be up until 6am, I’m going to finish the soup tomorrow. But we’re officially soaking. I am having trouble identifying which bean is which, but I think they’re pretty. I’m glad I took this shot before they became more wrinkled, because wrinkled beans remind me of…wrinkled other things that are not nice to look at.
It was a beautiful day today, the kind of weather that makes me think, I could run outside today, as I drive to the gym. The driveway is a thick stew of gravelly mud and driveway parts and pieces, and it doesn’t even bum me out to see the mud on my brand new nerdy sneakers. Because it reminds me of spring, which is light years away, and I’m fine with that. Apparently, according to James Taylor (and I’m not a fan, but not not a fan) the secret to life is enjoying the passage of time. I can work with that.
Yikes it’s almost midnight. Cheers!
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