>what you guys have taught me

>I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with this idea, but I think I should start working on identifying what all my friends have given to me, or taught me.  Lots of my friends do not…overlap…so to speak.  not that they wouldn’t like each other, and believe me, on rare occasions when people from one part of my life have met another, who knew me in a different time, very cool things happen.  

Bear with me.  this is an idea, not a finished product.  
…But it’s a start.  What I’ve learned from my friends:   (so far…I have amazing people in my life; this is just the beginning.)
1. Do not waste.  If it means cutting the lotion jar to scoop out the remains, or using a toothpick to get the lip balm out, that’s ok.  But do not waste. 
2.  Don’t brood.  Things are hard and suck frequently, but this is not what daily living is all about. Focus on here and now and activites that are positive. 
3. Think really good things about other people, even when and ESPECIALLY when they are being jerks, being selfish, being weird or being deceiving.  Nothing good has come from mean thoughts, ever.  
4.  Enthusiastic attitute and a simple holding of hands can turn a day from real bad to real…good. 
5. When someone leaves food in a dish at your house, return it with something thoughtful in it.  Just don’t return it empty! 
6. People that come back into your life in odd ways really need to stay in your life.  Pay attention.
7.  Love your parents.  Time is precious. 
8.  Forgive.  Don’t hold on to old bad stuff; it’s stifling and harmful to you.  
9. Share and don’t expect back.  Give and you’ll be surprised.  
10. Tell them how you feel, every chance you get.  “I love you” doesn’t fade with iterations; it adds to your core, and to the recipient’s.  
More at a later time.  Thank you. 
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1 Response to >what you guys have taught me

  1. Robyn says:

    >You’re awesome, Jenny. I could write a Top 10 of things you alone have taught me. Here’s just a few: 1) Be brave2) I-84 is not that complicated3) Do the hard stuff4) Don’t eat blue meat5) It’s OK to drink whole milk, don’t apologize for itCourse, there’s a hundred more things on the list– many more meaningful–but not as life-saving as “Don’t eat blue meat.” Simple bits of wisdom that fall off of you like it’s no big thing (you’re like that.) People are drawn to you for a reason.

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